Klamath Blue Green Algae - Amino Acids

Amino Acids are the building-blocks for proteins in our bodies -- the molecules that give our cells structure. There are eight essential amino acids which our bodies cannot manufacture and so which must be included in the diet, while the rest are labelled non-essential as our bodies can manufacture them. (That said, with certain metabolic conditions and with age it can becoming increasingly hard for the body to manufacture these amino acids.)

Klamath Blue Green Algae® Analysis Unit Of Measure Analysis Result
Essential Amino Acids    
Isoluecine g/100g 3.3
Leucine g/100g 5.40
Lysine g/100g 3.35
Methionine g/100g 1.29
Phenylalanine g/100g 2.48
Threonine g/100g 3.70
Tryptophan mg/g 15
Valine g/100g 3.23
Non-essential Amino Acids    
Arginine g/100g 4.12
Alanine g/100g 5.22
Asparagine mg/g 90
Aspartic Acid g/100g 7.09
Cystine mg/g 6
Glutamic Acid g/100g 7.07
Glutimine mg/g 140
Glycine g/100g 2.69
Histidine g/100g 1.37
Proline g/100g 2.17
Serine mg/g 55
Tyrosine g/100g 1.77
i) Please note that any level reported as less than (<) indicates a result of non-Detect at the level tested. The test level is indicated. Actual values are either below or zero.
ii) Please also note that this profile is specifically for Klamath Blue Green Algae brand of the algae from Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon. Because harvesting and drying can alter the profile, this data is brand specific, and because the algae grows wild in a changing natural environment, specific nutrient quantities will slightly differ from batch to batch.
iii) Klamath Blue Green Algae is a wild-grown wholefood and as such as a very wide spectrum of nutrients in various naturally low concentrations. These natural nutrient contentrations make the nutrients in this product hightly absorpable, effective and safe, unlike the unnatural concentrations and forms of isolated nutrients found in standard nutritional supplements.