Klamath Blue Green Algae - Fatty Acids

Fatty Acids are essential to the body to maintain cell membrane function and development. They also help in the delivery of oxygen in the body, help keep the skin looking young and vital, help the body process cholesterol and are important for balancing the adrenal and thyroid glands. Many fatty acids can be produced in the body but, like amino acids, there are also essential fatty acids that cannot, and therefore must be supplied in the diet.

Klamath Blue Green Algae® Analysis Unit Of Measure Analysis Result
Fatty Acid Profile    
Oleic Acid (C18:1n9) g/100g 0.06
Elaidic Acid (C18: 1n 9 trans) g/100g 0.17
Petroselinic Acid (C18: 1n12) g/100g 0.01
Vaccenic Acid (C18: 1n7) g/100g 0.01
Linoleic Acid g/100g 0.11
Transvaccenic Acid (C18: In 7 trans) g/100g 0.04
Linolenic Acid (C18:3n3) g/100g 0.83
Linoelaidic Acid (C18: 2n6 trans) g/100g 0.01
Gamma-Linolenic Acid (C18: 3n6) g/100g 0.73
Nonadecanoic Acid g/100g 0.01
Nonadecanoic Acid (C19: In 12) g/100g 0.01
Arachidic Acid g/100g 0.01
Eicosenoic Acid (C20: 1n15) g/100g 0.01
Eicosenoic Acid (C20: 1n12) g/100g 0.01
Gondonic Acid (C20: 1n9) g/100g 0.01
Cis-11, 14-Eicosadienoic Acid g/100g 0.01
Eicosatrienoic Acid (C20: 3n3) g/100g 0.01
Homo-Gamma-Linolenic Acid (C20: 3n6) g/100g 0.01
Cis-5, 8, 11, 14, 17- Eicosapentaenoic Acid g/100g 0.01
Behenic Acid g/100g 0.01
Erucic Acid g/100g 0.01
Docosadienoic Acid (C22: 2n6) g/100g 0.01
Docosatrienoic Acid (C22: 3n3) g/100g 0.01
Docosatetraenoic Acid (C22: 4n6) g/100g 0.01
Docosapentenoic Acid(C22: 5n3) g/100g 0.01
Docosahexenoic Acid (C22: 6n3) g/100g 0.01
Lignoceric Acid g/100g 0.01
Nevonic Acid (C24: 1n9) g/100g 0.01
Myristic Acid g/100g 0.11
Palmitic Acid g/100g 0.74
Palmitoleic Acid (C16: 1n 7) g/100g 0.05
Stearic Acid g/100g 0.05
i) Please note that any level reported as less than (<) indicates a result of non-Detect at the level tested. The test level is indicated. Actual values are either below or zero.
ii) Please also note that this profile is specificallyfor the Klamath Blue Green Algae brand of blue green algae from Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon. Because harvesting and drying can alter the profile, this data is brand specific.
iii) Klamath Blue Green Algae is a wild-grown wholefood and as such as a very wide spectrum of nutrients in various naturally low concentrations. These natural nutrient contentrations make the nutrients in this product hightly absorpable, effective and safe, unlike the unnatural concentrations and forms of isolated nutrients found in standard nutritional supplements.