Klamath Blue Green Algae - Minerals

Minerals are vital to the functioning of the body. Some minerals, called trace minerals, are only needed in very small quantities, but without them, our health deteriorates. Klamath Blue Green Algae grows in volcanic waters which gives it an extremely broad spectrum of mineral content.

Klamath Blue Green Algae® Analysis Unit Of Measure Analysis Result
Aluminum ppm 38.2
Antimony ppm 2.48
Boron ppm 11.4
Barium ppm 5.67
Beryllium ppm <.01
Bismuth ppm 0.29
Bromine ppm 47.2
Calcium ppm 8100
Chromium ppm 0.92
Cobalt ppm 1.28
Copper ppm 7.29
Cadmium ppm 0.11
Carbon ppm 936,000
Cerium ppm 1.21
Cesium ppm 0.09
Chloride ppm 16,200
Dysprosium ppm 0.35
Erbium ppm 0.88
Europium ppm <.05
Fluoride ppm 872
Gadolinium ppm 0.96
Gallium ppm 0.82
Gold ppm 0.04
Germanium ppm 0.43
Hafnium ppm 0.08
Holmium ppm 0.05
Indium ppm 0.08
Iodine ppm 18.3
Iridium ppm <.05
Iron ppm 4190
Lanthanum ppm <.05
Lead ppm 0.08
Lithium ppm 0.74
Lutetium ppm 0.09
Manganese ppm 24.7
Magnesium ppm 31.9
Mercury ppm 0.01
Molybdenum ppm 3.77
Neodymium ppm 0.31
Nickel ppm 6.37
Niobium ppm 0.08
Osmium ppm <.05
Palladium ppm <.01
Phosphorus ppm 16.2
Potassium ppm 15,200
Platinum ppm <.01
Praseodymium ppm 0.15
Rhenium ppm <.05
Rhodium ppm <.01
Rubidium ppm 0.9
Ruthenium ppm 0.06
Samarium ppm 0.85
Scandium ppm 0.04
Selenium ppm 0.49
Silicon ppm 233
Silver ppm 0.02
Sodium ppm 19.2
Strontium ppm 5.88
Sulfur ppm 350
Tantalum ppm 0.65
Tellurium ppm 0.11
Terbium ppm 0.07
Thallium ppm 2.85
Thorium ppm <.05
Thulium ppm 0.1
Tin ppm 0.12
Titanium ppm 0.48
Tungsten ppm 0.09
Vanadium ppm 1.8
Ytterbium ppm 0.08
Yttrium ppm 0.19
Zinc ppm 2.98
Zirconium ppm 0.74
i) Please note that any level reported as less than (<) indicates a result of non-Detect at the level tested. The test level is indicated. Actual values are either below or zero.
ii) Please also note that this profile is specificallyfor the Klamath Blue Green Algae brand of blue green algae from Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon. Because harvesting and drying can alter the profile, this data is brand specific.
iii) Klamath Blue Green Algae is a wild-grown wholefood and as such as a very wide spectrum of nutrients in various naturally low concentrations. These natural nutrient contentrations make the nutrients in this product hightly absorpable, effective and safe, unlike the unnatural concentrations and forms of isolated nutrients found in standard nutritional supplements.